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At the end of September, I had this plan of how my blog posts were supposed to look here in October.  I was participating in a one week challenge and it was inspiring and motivating and I was ready.  Or at least so I thought.  I had a theme picked for each week of the month and I really just needed to follow the steps laid out in front of me.  Clearly, that didn’t happen.  If it had, you would have seen a post about things happening around the county during the first week of the month, something homeschool related during the second week, the third week was going to be for working online, and this last week was just going to be about a topic of my choice.  I was going to have pictures and decent SEO and hey, who knows maybe even an affiliate link or 2 in each post.

Time passed and none of those things happened.  Here it is the end of October and I am writing about a topic of my choice but that is where me reaching my goals ends.  Blogging, like any other job, requires you to put the time and effort into it.  It doesn’t just happen.  Needless to say, I have allowed other things to take my time and energy so I have no one to blame but my self if this doesn’t work out.

It hasn’t been all laziness either.  I did work my regular part-time job, plus did my client work, made sure my kids did their school work and put two things on Teachers Pay Teachers.  Oh, and plus living life.  Groceries don’t just magically appear, meals don’t cook themselves (although when it’s done in the instant pot it’s pretty close), and there’s usually something going on each week.


So November’s goal is to try to have 2 blog posts.  That would be an improvement.  I might still be lacking in SEO or affiliate links, or some cool graphic. But maybe starting with consistency should be the goal right now based on the season I’m in.


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