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Your story is your brand.

Solve a problem.

These are both saying I’ve been seeing lately in regards to starting/building a business.  So how does one go about telling their story.  How do you pick a starting point?

I’ve decided to start where I am and fill in the back story as needed.  So where am I?  I’m down a path wondering if I choose the right path at the last fork in the road.  Do I keep going or turn around?

I’m really not sure.  This current path was suppose to be leading me to my “dream job”.  I thought I had finally figured out what I was suppose to do when I grew up.  I was going to work from home as a virtual assistant specializing in social media. I’ve been doing the work but really not seeing much fruit.

So here I am writing a blog post trying to tell my story.  It’s more than just telling my story right now though.  It’s also an effort to learn more and have examples to show.  I’m learning more in WordPress, creating content, figuring out SEO and so forth.  I believe either one of two things will happen:  either I’ll get really good at this blogging thing and that will be my profession or it will give me more experience to become a better virtual assistant.

So that’s my work story for right now.

I guess next, I’ll share so more of my personal story.

(This graphic was made for me by my son, whom I’m proud of.  You can see more of his work here.)

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